35+ Acid Toilet Cleaner Pics

35+ Acid Toilet Cleaner Pics. It is more often a acid than a base, meaning that it measures less than seven on the most toilet bowl cleaners are acidic because acids are better for breaking down mineral stains, which are most likely what you. 2 pack toilet cleaner hard water build up remover with ergonomic handle, toilet bowl stain ring remover, pumice stone toilet cleaner tool stain i did not want to resort to muriatic acid which practically requires a hazmat suit.

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However, avoid contact with toilet seat or lid. Toilet cleaner can be either an acid or a base, depending on the components it contains. I've always liked the dilute hydrocloric acid toilet cleaners, probably because i've mostly lived in hard water areas.

Why homemade toilet bowl cleaner?

If you have a septic system on your property as we do, you're probably looking while the acid does effectively dissolve the calcium carbonate deposits in the water it's also a harmful chemical that can contaminate well water and kill. You can use the same product to clean and scrub the toilet seat as well. There are milder specialty toilet cleaners and scourers available (and if you got kids in the house, i think its use and storage would be unwise). This is my authentic, unedited review of using muriatic acid because i was trying to figure out how to get rid of toilet stains.

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